Family Law

At the Law Offices of Tres A. Porter, we are experienced litigators in the area of family law. We realize that divorce, child custody/visitation, support and property division are difficult ordeals that take a serious toll on emotions and general well being. We also realize and respect the fact that you are an individual, and that every case is unique. All of our clients receive the personal attention that their matter deserves, no one is simply a file or a figure to us. Mr. Porter will take the time to get to know you and your concerns and most importantly, your desires concerning the outcome of your case.


After you have met with Mr. Porter and you have communicated your concerns and desires regarding the outcome of the case, options will be presented, and a plan will be tailored to fit your unique situation. We take into consideration children, property and support issues, then work with you to initiate a strategy that works best for you and your individual needs and desires.


In many cases, considerations for immediate temporary court orders involving the children, support, exclusive use and possession of the home, vehicles and other assets are assessed according to your needs and desires. Our attorneys work with you, address your concerns, communicate personally with you regarding your case and make sure that no part of your case is left unexplored.


Our attorneys are seasoned professionals, having handled numerous divorces and related matters in a number of different counties throughout California. However, we understand perfectly well that this may be your first divorce, child custody or support matter and we take the time and effort to explain each and every detail of your case and the law involved.


Our attorneys have the ability to work with everyone involved to reach an equitable solution in your family law matter, or if necessary, we certainly have the means, the knowledge and the experience to aggressively litigate your case in a court of law. Please note that at the Law Offices of Tres A. Porter, we do not believe that aggressive litigation means blindly going to court with the sole goal of causing the opposition to suffer, but there are situations where calculated, deliberate court intervention is required in order to achieve the desired results and we have the resolve, the knowledge and the experience to get results.


It is our goal and mission to provide you with a straightforward, common sense approach during one of life’s most difficult events. Our attorneys and staff work hard to safeguard and protect the people and things that matter most to you.


We specialize in the following areas:


    • Divorce
    • Legal Separation
    • Annulment
    • Child Custody/Visitation
    • Domestic Violence/ Restraining Orders
    • Child Support
    • Spousal Support
    • Grandparents Rights
    • Adoptions
    • Guardianships
    • Modification of Existing Orders
    • Complex Custody and Visitation Arrangements
    • Postnuptial Agreement
    • Prenuptial Agreement
    • Property Division
    • Marital Settlement Agreement
    • Litigation and Trials
    • Domestic Partnerships