Estate Planning

Estate planning involves creating a broad based plan that encompasses several potential circumstances with regards to your financial needs and wealth distribution. Comprehensive estate planning will include provisions for several potential eventualities, including the possibility that you may not be able to make decisions on your own behalf. By having a competent probate attorney working with you on your estate planning requirements, you will have a plan of action in place for disposition of property, including any businesses, along with the potential for gifts to family and friends, or charitable donations. Because everyone’s estate planning needs are different, only a qualified probate lawyer can properly assist with the nuances regarding each unique situation.

Traditionally, the estate plan consists of a will and the probate process in the California court system. However, most competent estate planning advisers recommend other options as well, depending upon the circumstances. A living trust is one such option. Under a living trust, you can avoid the probate courts entirely, and instead fund the trust so that the individuals you wish to inherit do not have to spend the time required to have the matter settled in probate court. Additionally, some people prefer the privacy afforded by living trusts, as the probate process is